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Request when Riding the Ropeway

Please remove any large backpacks and stow them by your feet during the ride.

Information about Closures

The ropeway and Route Bus services may be stopped or suspended due to lightning, strong winds, heavy rains and other weather conditions, or other reasons.

Boarding Tickets

Whenever the ropeway is congested, boarding tickets will be issued to alleviate this congestion.
The boarding ticket will allow you to board without having to wait in a long line up. Please take one boarding ticket for each person in your party. Colors and numbers up to 60 will be called each time. Once your color and number is called, please proceed to the ropeway ticket gate.
*Boarding tickets may be issued between July and October on weekends and national holidays. Please ask the nearest staff member to see if boarding tickets are being issued.

About Shirabidaira Station (Departure Station)


The station was named Shirabidaira because it was constructed in the middle of an old growth forest of Veitch’s silver-fir, called shirabiso in Japanese, which look like a fir tree with white foliage. The station is located at the base of Central Alps Komagatake Ropeway at an elevation of 1,662 meters, while the peak Senjojiki Station is found at 2,612 meters. This elevation gain of 950 meters is the largest of any ropeway in Japan.

About Senjojiki Station (Destination Station)

Senjojiki Station stands at the highest elevation of any station in Japan (2,612 meters). From the platform, you can see the Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji in the distance. Once away from the platform you will be treated to magnificent views of the Senjojiki Cirque in front of you.

Hotel Senjojiki, located next to Senjojiki Station, offers stunning views unique to each season from spring to winter.