Privacy Policy

Chuo Central Alps Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) has established the following detailed privacy policy in recognizing the importance of its duty to correctly handle the personal information of its customers.

  • The Company will abide by laws and ordinances on the protection of personal information as well as other regulations.
  • The Company will not gather personal information without the customer’s consent.In addition, personal information will be gathered within the scope necessary for making various inquiries and providing services, such as the sending of direct mail.
  • Personal information gathered by the Company from customers will never be provided or disclosed to a third party, except for the following instances.
    1. In cases where the prior consent and approval of the customer is received
    2. In cases where disclosure or provision is required by law
  • The personal information of customers will be managed appropriately and strictly by the Company, and the Company will take precautions and safety measures to ensure that the personal information of customers is never accessed illegally, leaked, destroyed, modified or divulged.
  • The Company outsources the management of personal information to Ad Planning Limited. In doing so, the Company carries out necessary and appropriate audits to ensure that Ad Planning Limited manages personal information in a secure manner.
  • If a customer requests for the disclosure, revision or suspension of use of their own personal information, the Company will comply immediately within a reasonable scope.
  • The Company strives to continually improve its handling and protection of personal information.
  • Please direct communications about this Privacy Policy or other inquiries concerning personal information to the contact point listed below.