About Restricted Areas

Help Keep Foreign Seeds Out

The Central Alps call home to myriad varieties of wildflowers that bloom from right after the snow melts to autumn. These flowers have survived this harsh natural alpine environment since the ice age. Visitors must know that once destroyed or disrupted, it will take a long time for nature at this altitude to recover.

Some varieties are now endangered or are dwindling because of people picking them or stepping on them.

Along hiking trails there are green colored ropes protecting alpine flora just beyond. Places off the trail without these green ropes are also considered restricted areas. Please stay on the main hiking trail at all times.

We ask that everyone who visits the Central Alps help in protecting its natural environment so that these wildflowers can be enjoyed by future generations.

Never go into areas enclosed with a green rope.

Help Keep Foreign Seeds Out

Concerns have arisen recently that foreign seeds are infiltrating alpine regions from the soles of hikers’ shoes.

Chuo Alps Kanko has placed special mats in high traffic areas keep foreign seeds out. Please clean your shoe soles on these mats as you walk past.

Rules and Manners in the Central Alps

Bring garbage with you

Littering is an important environmental issue facing alpine areas, in addition to picking or walking through wildflower fields.

Always take all garbage away with you.

If you leave your garbage behind it could negatively impact the ecosystem of local flora and fauna, destroying the natural environment in the process. Help us protect the environment by making doubly sure to take all garbage with you.

Please only take photographs and nothing else

Various actions are prohibited in the Central Alps.

You cannot disturb or take flora or fauna, insects, dead wood, fallen branches, or fallen leaves without permission.

Thinking it is okay if you just took a small amount will lead to the destruction of the environment. We once again ask for your help in protecting the natural environment so that your children and grandchildren as well as other future generations will be able to enjoy the splendor of nature and learn about its importance.


Chuo Alps Prefectural Natural Park is a habitat for countless wildlife and rare flora.

For this reason, all pets are prohibited from riding the Route Bus and Komagatake Ropeway in order to protect the natural environment.

In addition, there are no services in the area for watching over your pet temporarily.

*Trained and certified guide dogs for the blind, hearing assistance dogs, and service dogs for the disabled are allowed.