Route Bus Services

Some buses have wheelchair seating. A staff member will assist with stairways and steps. A boarding slope is available at Suganodai Bus Center. Please ask a staff member for use.


Komagatake Ropeway

Staff members are available to assist with navigating stairways. Please ask for assistance.

Number of Stairs

Shirabidaira Station 37
Senjojiki Station 17

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms

Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at Suganodai Bus Center, Shirabidaira Station, and Hotel Senjojiki

Suganodai Bus Center
Shirabidaira Station
Hotel Senjojiki

Getting Around the Senjojiki Cirque

Unfortunately the trails within the Senjojiki Cirque are not well developed or paved. This makes access by wheelchair difficult.

*If you have any other questions or concerns about wheelchair accessibility, please ask a staff member.